It doesn’t take a lot to damage a person

A potentially useful citizen

Until 2013, Mr X, aged 31, held down a job, had a social life, went on holiday and generally held his own in the outside world.

In 2013, he fell down a flight of outside steps whilst working as a delivery driver. His employers were not overly sympathetic, his money stopped and when he asked whether there was any chance of compensation, was advised his best chance was to sue the company in Court. Difficult to know who gave him that advice, but he took it and it led to his manager spreading rumours about him, losing his job, his self esteem and his friends.

He hasn’t worked since. He is doesn’t want to go out, he doesn’t wash, change his clothes, prepare meals, or engage with people. He refuses to take antidepressants and painkillers, neither of which in his mind address his basic problem, that of not having been properly investigated, not having a proper diagnosis or proper treatment. Mr X may not have been the sharpest tool in the box before his accident, but he did have 10 GCSEs, a BTech and a degree in product design. Working as a delivery driver may not have been his preferred career, but at least he was useful. Now, he upsets his GP, and most people who try to help him. He was a trusting soul, who thought the world was a good place, now he is not sure

Without this background narrative it is difficult to understand how a 31yr man hasn’t work for almost ten years, who is technically homeless, alternating between his parents sofas and who could still do a useful day’s work lives in fear of crowds and going out and having to meet people.

What might help? an intelligent interest in his circumstances? His family don’t appear to have the resources, social or financial to offer him the kind of help he needs. And as for the local “HealthCare Professionals” if he won’t engage with antidepressants and painkillers, and counselling then there is nothing they can do. In truth, he needed a lawyer to sort out his employer liability for an injury of work but the moment has long passed. Nonetheless someone who understood what happened and might now help him get on with life would be useful. However “community friends” are a long lost asset and if no one is getting paid, nothing gets done.

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