Organisation of the Brain – a key characteristic

I saw an interesting young lady yesterday, with a very effiicient mother. The daughter had been diagnosed with autistic traits, dysphraxia, dyslexia and learning difficulties. But she could live on her with telephone support from a mother who had a military level of organisation and alternate day support. So Coping – just.

And of course, there were no investigations. This young girl cannot live a normal life because her mind is so disorganised that she cannot make daily decisions, even as to which sort of baked beans to buy, she has no hope of a career with ordinary social structures and yet, she hasn’t even had an EEG – I am by the way saving up for my own EEG machine – because its cheap (relatively) and interesting and who knows, I might even pick up some cases of untreated epilepsy.


How is it, that this perfectly presentable young lady who is at present costing society, despite the admirable attempts of her mother to help her live independently has had no investigations of the single organ that is at the root of her problems, her brain. Yes we are limited in what medicine has to offer however, my Fantasy Island Clinic provides EEGs, fMRI, full neuropsychological assessments and throws the technological book at her. First – let’s see if there are structural abnormalities – MRI and 3D CT Scan, how big is her Corpus Callosum – probably a bit on the small side. Functional MRI shows up which bits work and how well. Neuropsychological testing will give an idea of her strengths and weaknesses

These people are being thrown on the scrap heap – and it is not right, I feel as strongly about this any radical extremists. The problem is that the medical establishment have joined arms to corale the sick and injured into a large field, where at present they provide sufficient “hay” in the form of benefits to keep them fed. I seem to recollect the most vindicative dictator in history began his career dealing with the sick, the mentally infirm and gypsies in a similar manner.

Time for Change!

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